1969 Ford fire truck - SOLD.


This is a 1969 Ford Fire Truck. It has an 850 gasoline engine in it. It starts up on the first try and runs perfect. It was bought brand new by Continental Oil Company (now called ConocoPhillips). It's a pumper truck - it holds water. It has the original red paint on it. It has all the original paperwork,owners manual and service history (oil changes etc...). It was bought a couple years ago from Conoco. That would make it have only two owners. It's located near Lake Charles, Louisiana. This would be good for a fraternity, Conoco collector, fireman or whomever wants it. It also holds 1,000 gallons and pumps 1,000 gallons a minute. It was bought for $32,000 in 1969. If you're interested, please email me at: iam @ Cory Cochran.com (no spaces - I did that so I won't get spam) Below are some recent pictures taken. If you want more, or the higher quality and more detailed pictures, just let me know. Oh yeah... some of the pictures are pinkish looking. I'm sorry about that, that's the cameraman's fault. UPDATE: SOLD!!!